Social Media as 1st step into Prosumption

Since social media have moved more forcefully to propose unsolicited advertisements to subscribers, the move from just keeping up with friends has also moved to another step. Using the platform for private purposes is “old school”. Are we already prosumers in opening up our private contacts to targeted advertising? Aung
Kyaw Htet, Adam El Nabli, Li Chak Fung Marco addressed this issue in their research report. All agreed to share it with the public for nothing but a citation. “ElNabli_Htet_Marco_CCS_FinalResearchReport” Credits also go to their interview partners.

Certainly social media have moved social media use to a more active online interaction of persons or “social media friends”. The will to shape the use of the platform to one’s own desires might conflict with the platform’s use conditions. Users of social media with prosumption in mind may become more widespread.