The Frankfurt book fair 2017 is an exciting place on publishing where content meets markets or authors meet publishers. The most recent trend added is the growing self-publishing market. In addition to the flagship publishers and media companies bloggers are lightening up the sphere. In  one session authors met their blogging critics. Relationship building is key in the scene.

The EU prize for literature was also awarded. It is not going to just one person but to 12 authors simultaneously. A nice gesture to celebrate multilingualism in Europe. A very important message at times of English language dominance in scientific publishing and the USA leaving UNESCO again.

The self-publishing trends and bloggers as unpaid journalists should receive more attention in research as they are becoming a vital part of modern democratic structures. Some first results of a study can be found here. Even the production and distribution of humor has changed. We need funding to study such trends of rising and declining authors, publishers and the publishing sector as a whole. Foundations are great to raise attention to topics and authors, but we know little about the what has happened several years later.