Ph.D. Defence Andreas Martin

A new candidate for a Ph.D. in sociology with strong foothold in education science will be defended in Room 48 in  Research IV 15.30-17.00 hours on  05.April. Andreas Martin presents his thesis on governance potentials in further education and training. “Bildungspolitische Steuerungspotentiale im Feld der Weiterbildung” is presented in German, questions may be posed also in English. The session is open to the public. 

Multi-level analyses with European Labour Force Survey Data, as well as Germany specific samples on participation in lifelong learning will be the empirical core of the thesis.

Cooperation among further training organizations is a second topic. Socio-economic approaches to evaluate the welfare state provisions from a governance perspective will be discussed as well.

The thesis covers a lot of topics that were close to the heart of
Klaus J. Jacobs the founder of the Jacobs Center on lifelong learning and institutional development originally at International University Bremen, which then became Jacobs University Bremen as we know it today.