Airbnb and Prosumption

150 years after the publication of “Das Kapital”, which is part of the UNESCO Memory of the World collection, we have to rethink some basics again. Not ownership of capital but access to goods and services might be more crucial. At least this is in brief the argument by Jeremy Rifkin. Prosumption as renting out your apartment, which you do not own, blurs the borderline between ownership and consumption. Two students in the 2nd year course, Ruxian Li & Alicia Pavón Vergés, have carried out a pilot study on Airbnb and Prosumption. They conclude that trust plays a crucial role in such new forms of consumer and service provider relationships. With their explicit agreement we make this work available here Airbnb.

The image below was taken at the exposition “Books that made Europe” at the Bibliotheca Wittockiana in Brussels.