The Great Convergence

The much praised book “The Great Convergence” by Richard Baldwin (Link) is an excellent read for students of globalization. His new forthcoming book futhermore highlights the challenge ahead of us for the next decade. In a talk at Bruegel consultants in Brussels on 3rd of September 2018 he had a surprising conclusion in hand. In contrast to the last decades, the real challenge ahead will be how to organize “Employment Protection” for the many white collar workers. Probably their jobs are also at risk of replacement through robots. Livestream still available I believe.

My own research comparing European Labour Market Systems, most noteworthy employment protection, allows to identify best practice. This tricky field of labour relations needs above all careful study of legislation and co-evolution of employment trends. Country-specific solutions with path-dependency have dominated 20 years ago. Today’s systems still seem to remain “local solutions” as outcomes of a balance of power. Preview as pdf-file available.
Preview-Labour Market Efficiency KS-RR-TK-9781134728466_preview
Preview-Labour Market Efficiency KS-RR-TK-9781134728466_preview

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